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Committed to significantly create resilient digital experiences for our customers.

Our commitments letter 💌
Adservio’s commitments shape greatly and guide our purpose :
create resilient digital experiences for our customers.

Adservio’s commitments shape greatly and guide our purpose : create resilient digital experiences for our customers.

At Adservio, we believe that the digital transformation opens up a wide array of opportunities to multiple organizations and individuals. We also believe that going digital drives social, economic and environmental progress. We strive to help companies have access to the best digital experience possible. In other words, we provide to our clients and customers the necessary tools to have an immersive, resilient, optimized digital experience.

In light of the major crises that we are witnessing today (i.e : glairing social inequalities, major environmental issues), we honor our commitments in order to build a more sustainable and inclusive future for the current and future generations. To do so, we foster a positive company culture based on values of respect, integrity, excellence and diversity. We also reinforce our ethical and responsible business practices to effectively serve the project which aims to construct a fair and cohesive society.

Our sustainability report highlights the achievements of the company in terms of social and environmental responsibility. At Adservio, we make significant efforts to promote positive social and environmental change by tackling and addressing major sustainability challenges.

Enhancing our CSR is indeed an ongoing process which is stimulated, consolidated and maintained thanks to our resilient culture of feedback. Our 2021 Sustainability report details our approach to build a brighter future and a better world for the upcoming generations.  Our sustainability approach revolves around 5 pillars : technology, people, governance, planet and activities.

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“We build a resilient digital experience”

is the purpose of our company.

In a world characterized by uncertainty, marked by unprecedented social and environmental crises, in perpetual transformation where financial and economic systems are not immune to a systemic shock, resilience is a value that we must cultivate and strive to apply in our daily lives.

We believe that digital brings people together, connects them and unites them. It broadens economic perspectives and opens up new, unsuspected opportunities for many organizations.

We play a significant role in driving social, environmental, societal and economic progress by accompanying our customers in the process of digital transformation.

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Technology Resilience ⚡

Global warming represents a serious threat for humanity which needs to be addressed urgently. The degradation of our environment and natural ecosystems is an area of concern for our structure.

Consequently, we developed multiple sustainable IT projects which revolve around green IT services as well as responsible digital practices. Hence, we bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise in computing to optimize the management of energy resources in an eco-solidary and eco-responsible approach.

  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint of our services
  • Promoting responsible digital practices in our commercial offerings
  • Encouraging responsible management of our equipment
  • Transforming digital technology into a lever for climate change mitigation and limitation

Resilience for the people 👩💼👨💼

We are committed to building an inclusive and welcoming environment for our stakeholders. In order to achieve this goal, we strive to promote the well–being of our employees.

Furthermore, our HR department works hard to ensure that principles of diversity and inclusion are respected and honored. We work closely with our clients to address the key social and societal challenges of our century.

  • Developing our policies, diversity as a strength, inclusivity as a necessity to build a cohesive society
  • Improving the collaborative experience
  • Training : a powerful tool to acquire knowledge and skills for our employees and enable them to seize opportunities.
  • Proving our commitments for more inclusivity and diversity
  • Contributing to the well-being of our employees with our Chief Happiness Officer
The company boasts a rich and vibrant diversity, with over 11 different nationalities represented creating a dynamic and inclusive environment where employees can learn from each other's.
With Adservio Academy, we can offer a comprehensive and attractive training program that provides continuous education for all employees.
Each year we organize a hackathon for an association, showcasing our commitment to social impact and innovation.
We organize an Onboarding moment for new salaries to ensure they are properly introduced to our culture and resources to be successful in their new role.
We encourage employee well-being by offering sports practices, promoting a healthy workplace culture and team bonding.

We develop our business while ensuring that we have a positive impact on society. We are committed to intensifying our sponsorship activities and actions but also creating links between our clients and the non-profit sector. Our commitment towards fostering the emergence of positive experiences and stories is also part of our strategy.

It is extremely important to demonstrate the integration of human and social values in our activities. As an example, we have been involved in events like the Hackathon for Tremplin Handicap. At this event, sixty consultants participated in the development of a digital platform and an information system for this association on a voluntary basis.

The solidarity Hackathon is an illustration of the support we provided for people with disabilities. It is also a mark of our commitment to combat handiphobia, which greatly compromises the chances of people with disabilities to have access to valuable and valued resources.

In 2023, we will organize the Second Solidarity Hackathon for the Zup de Co association, which is dedicated to reducing school dropouts. Eventually, the Adservio Foundation is being created to meet other needs.

Governance 🏛️

Our mode of governance is built around the central concept of commons and the value of accountability. To this end, we maintain transparency and honesty on the internal level as much as the external level.

We are committed to respecting the code of conduct that we have elaborated but also the code of conduct of our suppliers and service providers. Plus, our social and ethical whistleblowing system serves principles of a fair, transparent and accountable governance system.

  • Operational CSR Committee : a structure involved in the development and the success of our strategic projects.
  • Dialogue with our stakeholders :  a key principle at the heart of our approach.

It is very important for us to show our human and social values in our activities. That's why Adservio got involved in events like the Hackathon. A way to show support for people with disabilities.

At this event, sixty consultants participated in the development of a digital platform and an information system for this association on a voluntary basis.

In 2023 we will organize the second Adservio solidarity hackathon for the Zup de Co association, which is dedicated to fighting against dropping out of school. The Adservio Foundation is being created to meet other needs.

Planet 🌎

The current state of our planet is extremely concerning. In order to contribute to climate change mitigation, we decided to reduce our GHG emissions by 5% per year on all three scopes.

In line with the objectives of the Paris agreement, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities by contributing up to the level of our residual emissions and raising awareness among our stakeholders regarding the climate change issue

  • Reducing our carbon footprint and impact on biodiversity
  • Sensibilizing to eco-gestures at our clients and on our premises
  • Promoting good practices in the management of information       technology equipment
  • Responsible purchasing policy at our premises
  • Organizing responsible and ethical events
  • Responsible purchasing policy at our premises
  • Encouraging green mobility of our employees

Index 👫

99 points for Adservio ✨
We are proud to announce that our company has achieved a remarkable result :

👉🏻 Adservio’s gender equality index is 99 out of 100 🥳

This means that we have implemented policies and practices that promote #GenderEquality in all aspects of our business, from hiring to promotion and compensation. 🤩

We strongly believe that gender equality is not only the right thing to do, but it is also beneficial for our business.

By giving all of our employees the same chances and opportunities, we are able to attract the best #talent, foster innovation, and promote a positive and inclusive #WorkCulture.

We are proud of our commitment to gender equality, and we will continue to work hard to maintain this index at the same level. 🌟

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