Employee Experience manager

Full Time


What you will do:

    Build, analyze, and report on People Metrics related key performance indicators for the team (e.g., diversity representation, benefits utilization, sickness, attrition, event participation ER case management etc.)

    • Support the delivery of a standardized efficient service for employee experience and diversity programs, processes, and initiatives.
    • Build and maintain educational materials, dashboards and key relationships across the business to ensure leaders have the data they need to drive change.
    • Project manage recognition programs: SWAG, milestones, gifting, and incentives.
    • Build a diversity recruitment plan and outreach strategy for increasing URM candidate pipelines.
    • Educate the workforce on key diversity topics and frameworks.
    • Support special interest groups such as ERGs, and social ideas / clubs at ST.
    • Research and propose best solutions for a remote and global workforce.
    • Craft communications on diversity and inclusion topics.
    • Present on complex diversity and cultural topics

    What you will need:

    Within 60 Days, You'll:
    • Understand Adservio business objectives and strategy.
    • Understand the Employee Experience Roadmap.
    • Take ownership of the Employee Experience and Diversity data to build a comprehensive data collection and reporting process.
    • Build relationships with the employees communities.
    • Partner with the Talent Acquisition team to review current hiring practices and identify areas for diversifying our talent pipeline.
    • Refine the current diversity and belonging strategy.

    Within 180 Days, You'll:
    • Consistently manage the vitals and data that drive decision making.
    • Develop a communications plan to further the employee experience and diversity and belonging strategy.
    • Execute on the remaining quarterly priorities for Diversity and Belonging.
    • Understand and start to partner with the business on the diversity learnings from the annual engagement survey.
    • Host programs that align to our diversity and belonging strategy

    Within 365 Days, You'll:
    • Be able to demonstrate how initiatives undertaken over the last year have become fully integrated in Adservio culture with metrics able to support those findings.
    • Have hit key milestones and deliverables established during initial road mapping session.
    • Have refined Adservio long-term Diversity and Inclusion strategy to reflect changes/improvements made in the past year.
    • Partner with the Marketing and People Ops teams to build an employer brand that resonates to candidates from all walks of life.
    • Have developed partnerships with professional organizations to support our Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging goals.
    • Be able to demonstrate how changes to hiring practices have resulted in a more diverse talent pipeline.
    • Customize practices/initiatives to support regional and international needs.

    Job Package:

    • Salary depending on experience and expertise (from 35k€ to 55k€ yearly)
    • Medical Insurance
    • Yearly company incentive bonus (from 1k€ to 5k€ depending on company revenue)
    • Cooptation bonus of 1k€
    • 1 technical / scientific book offered by the company each month
    • 2 or 3 training session by year
    • High Quality Onboarding (with 2 weeks training and preparation)
    • Unlimited certification Voucher payed by the company

    Join Us:

    At Adservio, we believe that we make better teams and products when people with different perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds thrive.

    To help us on this journey, we are looking for a passionate change maker dedicated to building a workplace of the future, advancing underrepresented groups in technology and creating inclusive workplaces. In this role, you will drive the data that informs our decision making, offer creative programs, and craft the unique Adservio story supporting a fast growing global community and fostering an inclusive culture.

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