Principal Technologist

Full Time / Remote


What you will do:

  • Take the needs and challenges of a client and formulate a technical roadmap and technology solution that will support their business strategies and goals.
  • Provide Technical leadership across all areas of the enterprise, to ensure delivery of exceptional technical solutions
  • Formulate and articulate the technical and political implication of real world solutions
  • Orchestrate the management of technology scope and risks
  • Mentor on approach and execution of solutions, coach on technologies and establishing a team wide comprehension of solution capabilities and direction
  • Ensure technical expectations of deliverables are met
  • Drive Adservio’ Thought-Leadership on engineering and architectural practices and standards
  • Become a trusted and valued partner of the client CIO/CTO and team
  • Create opportunities for networking and relationship building that arise out of delivery activities

There's no typical day or engagement for our Principal Consultants. You might spend a few weeks with a new client or be few days on delivery project. It's varied and you thrive on these different challenges.

What you will need:

  • Recent hands-on software development and infrastructure architecture experience in designing and architecting enterprise web applications
  • Solid understanding of the practical application of agile development methods and leading software development teams in an agile/lean/continuous delivery environment
  • Experience leading and inspiring software development teams
  • Passion for advocating and teaching clean coding practices, a test-driven approach, and concepts such as SOLID, DRY, YAGNI
  • Understanding of the issues businesses face and experience working with them to create robust, scalable, elegant, flexible and relevant software solutions that truly transform industries
  • Experience working directly with senior IT groups in an advisory role
  • Experience working with CTO/COO to create technical strategies

Job Package:

    • Salary depending on experience and expertise (from 55k€ to 75k€ yearly)
    • Medical Insurance
    • Yearly company incentive bonus (from 1k€ to 5k€ depending on company revenue)
    • Cooptation bonus of 1k€
    • 1 technical / scientific book offered by the company each month
    • 2 or 3 training session by year
    • High Quality Onboarding (with 2 weeks training and preparation)
    • Unlimited certification Voucher payed by the company

    Join Us:

    As a Principal Technologist at Adservio you may fit into one of three roles. Perhaps you are a Coding Architect and enjoy bringing hands-on best coding practices knowledge to the team, while helping get a delivery project up and running.

    Maybe you are a Tech Lead or a Tech Manager educating large enterprises on evolutionary architecture and forward-thinking software delivery practices to create the change we want to see in the industry.

    Adservio Principals have gone on to become CTOs, CIOs and leaders within the tech industry.

    Feel like you’ll fit right in? we’d love to meet you!
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