Top RPA tools for 2022

RPA is a method for automating business processes using software robots. Top RPA tools include Blue Prism, UiPath, Pega, Automation Anywhere, etc.

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Top RPA tools for 2022

Organizations through the use of RPA software are able to automate tasks, replacing human beings from what they were doing across applications and systems. Its implementation has benefited companies as diverse as banks, pharmaceuticals and manufacturers mostly in routine processing tasks and back-office functions.

However, its scope is ever increasing to capture human intellect and creativity.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA, is one of the hottest buzzwords in the industry. It is often misunderstood and used interchangeably with Business Process Automation or BPA.

While BPA seeks to improve a business process, RPA replaces manual and repetitive administrative tasks by an automated system that learns from human actions and then performs it on its own(without human intervention).

What is RPA

Before we continue with sharing the most used RPA tools, what does RPA stands for at first place?

In this regard, we say that the process of automating repetitive tasks with software that uses the bots to perform continuously same tasks is called automation. RPA tools are softwares that help users to modify and configure various tasks to get automated.

It is the application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision, to automate repetitive tasks in a business such as data entry, data extraction, report generation, etc.

Robotic process automation stands as an effective solution to improve the overall operational efficiency by reducing human involvement and cost.

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The future of work holds tremendous potential for RPA as enterprises are looking for talent with advanced proficiency in RPA technologies.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that uses robotic algorithms to handle a variety of routine, repeatable tasks for automated business processes.

Through implementation of RPA a new way of providing consistent and highly productive outcomes through technology is made possible.

RPA delivers quick ROI, easy to scale and customize, improved accuracy and compliance, minimal training requirements, lower operational costs and great quality.

When compared with traditional solutions, RPA solutions are easier to implement, maintain, and update, while achieving desired level of accuracy and efficiency.

Software robots act as electronic representatives working tirelessly in the background to replace repetitive tasks.

In other words, it allows businesses to delegate business processes to software agents, or automated computer programs.

What are benefits of RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next big thing that can help your business company make sense of the rapidly growing amount of business data and to get rid of complex and repetitive tasks.

It has everything you need to quickly and effectively digitalize your business processes.

Here are some of the benefits RPA can bring to your business:

1. Faster digital transformation

Without any doubt, RPA software contributes in speeding up the business digital transformation. This is possible by software robots which performing automated tasks faster and more accurately than any human workforce. In addition, they don’t need any breaks.

Hence, automation can run in the background and overnight as well while employees have the commodity to spend their time performing other activities in non-repetitive tasks.

According to McKinsey, 45 percent of activities at work could be already automated by using the technology which is currently demonstrated.

2. Improved productivity

Automation enables companies to optimize business processes and increase worker productivity.

With RPA in place, employees will be free from being trapped on executing same tasks over and over again and thus collapse their creativity and productivity at work.

With the automation of work processes, the employees will have more time to focus on other engagements which are of a higher value when it comes to being productive to the company.

3. Fewer errors

In today's hectic business environment, even minor errors can cost companies millions of dollars.

RPA, is a technology that is designed to emulate human actions in a non-disruptive manner in order to expedite key business processes. Avoiding errors translates in saving time and money for businesses.

Robots will always follow the directions and rules as they are taught by the program. This way accuracy achieved by implementing RPA means human errors are pretty much is eliminated.

Top RPA tools on 2022

Few of the best RPA tools on the market based upon features they offer and solutions that they solve include;

1. Blue Prism

Blue prism is a field-proven, modern and highly popular tool for enterprise-wide process automation. You can use it to model entire processes, or parts of them, with your company’s business rules.

Once all the rules are in place, you can execute the process directly or through a plug-in.

Blue Prism includes artificial intelligence capabilities and can imitate and learn business processes which are similar to humans. Blue Prism offers automation for deployments on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud.

Few of strong spots and main features of Blue Prism include but not limited are; it supports multi-environment deployment model, it can be used on any platform, can work for any application, and security is provided for the network and the software credentials.

Blue Prism has a high-speed execution and a platform independence.

One thing you should be aware of before deciding to use Blue Prism is that you need to have programming skills and the application comes with a high price.

2. Inflectra Rapise

Rapise, primarily was is built for test automation and it is a system specializing in testing highly complex application such as Salesforce, SAP and MS Dynamics.

Through Rapise, engineers are able to connect to the user interface of the application under test, which makes it possible to simulate the user actions to complete the whole tasks of a business.

RPA tools 2022 Inflectra Rapise
Screenshot of Rapise site

It is worth to be mentioned that Rapise is user friendly both for devs and non-developers as well. Rapise is supported in Web, Desktop and Mobile applications.

3. UiPath

As the previous tools, UiPath provides as well many capabilities, such as first and foremost, security is provided encryption and access control based on the roles, the automation is easy and fast to set up, it can handle any process, no matter of their number and their complexity.

It is a tool that can be used by those who don’t have programming skills (cool right), drag and drop is the way it can be easy used and other features that we leave you to discover.

4. Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere provides its services on-premise and cloud as well. The size of the companies that are the best fit for using this tool are those that are classified as medium and large companies.

It offersplenty of solutions in accordance by work function, by role, by technology, byindustry, and by custom needs.

RPA automation anywhere

Security is a steal point to the Automation Anywhere platform because it provides different of security methods. Such as, authentication, credentials and encryption.

Analytics and reports are delivered in real-time, so you don’t have to bother if something in the meanwhile has changed until the report has come out.

5. Pega

Everyone (read; non coders) love the possibility to work on a software which doesn’t require to have the skills and the knowledge of a super professional developer in order to be able to operate and run the project on it.

Through low-coding skills required, companies are able to build an app based on their needs and requirements and the preferences they want to implement.

Pega is a solution for many well-known companies when it comes to helping them make better decision and get work done. Thus, they can stay streamlined, agile and easy to embrace the future developments.

Pega transforms and adapts the complexity of the project due to its scalable architecture and the low-code platform


Robotic process automation is changing the way companies transform and adopt digital technologies.

There is a shift from optimizing existing business processes to reducing the entire cost of processes, opportunities for automation and scaling of process.

By automating your workforce, you can improve your productivity, reduce errors, drive down costs and engage more people in the decision-making process.

We offer standard, enterprise and customized software solutions that improve business processes, increase organization productivity and reduce costs.

Adservio can simplify your business processes by leveraging the latest in robotic process automation (RPA) technology to deliver value without re-platforming.

This allows you to lower IT costs, reduce business disruption, and effectively utilize your IT team for more strategic initiatives.

Put RPA technology to work and make your business much faster, efficient and more productive by contacting our team of experts.

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January 5, 2022

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