Impact of pandemic on Cloud transition

Knowing the meaning of cloud transition in digital transformation and the impact of pandemic in speeding this process.

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Impact of pandemic on Cloud transition
The digital transformation that has evolved by decisions made as a response to the pandemic has tremendously speeded the adoption of digital technologies.

When thought otherwise, these changes never would have come this fast, and accepted by the mass with such ease. 

According to a survey of executives run by the famous McKinsey&Company during July of 2020, the companies of the participants, as a result of new demands, had to accelerate the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions as well as their internal operations by four years.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into a few interesting findings and learn more about this great transformation that is encountered continuously.

Cloud migration

A simple and short definition of cloud migration would be– The entire process of moving your work to the cloud, which can be from software programs, data, applications, or an entire digital infrastructure in alignment with the business objectives.

cloud migration

As we said earlier, this fast paced transformation of Cloud is happening because of different restrictions due to pandemic crises.

But why Cloud migration, why is it important and why is something inevitable for the future digital businesses?!

Based on different researches we can say for sure that it is validated that the public cloud is a critical driver for digital transformation.

Benefits of Cloud migration

Companies, of all scales, that are implementing moves to public cloud believe that they are in a better position to deal with a range of problems, including but not limited to:

  • Enables faster response times
  • Creates more resilient supply chains
  • Better collaboration across different functions
  • Strengthened business continuity
  • Flexibility of work practices
  • Reduces IT costs 
  • Enables quick transition from office to home working
  • Allows the business to be agile

On how the leadership views the migration of work to the public cloud, 27.5% of leaders see it as essential for survival and strategic business decisions, followed by 23.5% as purely technology decisions, 11% foundational for further innovation.

A great research of Cloud Industry Forum entitled White Paper conducted by Vanson Bourne a market research enterprise, which surveyed UK based IT and business decision makers found interesting findings.

The cloud adoption has been increased 55% from respondents as a direct result of Covid.

Other interesting findings related to Cloud and digitization;

To what extent is cloud important to your organization’s digital transformation strategy?

cloud migration to the organizations

Does your organization expect to adopt cloud services to increase over the next 12 months?

how much are cloud services adopted in organizations

As we can see from the percentage of future steps toward cloud adoption we can easily say that this sector is going to last long among us.

As we witnessed the necessity for cloud migration, now all we have to do is to act.

There are specific techniques and a set of steps you should follow in order to have a safe and smooth transition.

For the insights in this topic we will soon share insights in another article with an illustrated checklist of needed steps for successful migration.

Digital businesses

Until now we tackled the issue of data and shared some insights of migration to Cloud, but what about the businesses themselves.

Businesses are facing obstacles and being prevented from becoming digitized more quickly and the main reasons that respondents answered were that they face; insufficient budget, no in-house skills and lack of human resources.

digital business

All the above mentioned transformations and others inevitably will pull other strings for change inside the organization itself.

Organization’s future IT hiring priorities will be driven towards broadening the range of technology and business skills and creating a remote workforce.

Nowadays, being resilient is what matters the most for further development in these difficult times.

As you can notice we only mentioned the positive developments of digital business as a result of the pandemic crisis because we are driven and want to see the good outweighs the negative consequences.

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Published on
June 10, 2021

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