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Performance Engineering

The processes, techniques, and technologies used throughout a system development life cycle are all included in performance engineering.

All these practices and capabilities used to build scalable and high-quality performance experiences are utilized to effectively test and ensure the functional requirements for performance are being met.

Our performance engineering is proactive, continuous, and resilient, ensuring seamless collaboration between the teams, tools used, and processes through the continuous feedback loop.

Code Audits & Security

A code audit is a crucial component of the prerequisites needed to ensure that the software's source code is trustworthy, scalable, and robust.

In order to find vulnerabilities and security breaches, software code audits and security actions involve a thorough examination of source code in a programming environment.

The core of our work is following best practices for evaluating code and ensuring that the requirements for IT infrastructure security are always met.

Test Automation

Test automation is the practical use of automated testing, reviewing, and validating various parts of software applications with little to no human interaction.

These tests provide outcomes that help us understand the overall performance of the software.

Test automation helps us make sure predefined quality standards for code style, functionality, and user experience are being met.

Among many benefits, test automation include, a quicker feedback cycle, lower costs, increased team productivity, quicker time to market, etc.

AI-Ops and Fin-Ops

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations encompasses activities that contribute to simplifying, accelerating, and enhancing IT operations management.

The combination of finances with operations brings FinOps into the scene. FinOps is the framework for managing operational expenses and managing financial accountability in the cloud.

By utilizing AI-Ops and Fin-Ops, we are able to highlight high operational costs and reduce them via automation. We leverage automation of monitoring activities to generate predictive analysis and remediate incidents.

APM, Monitoring

Application performance monitoring is the practice of monitoring and tracking key software application performance and its availability metrics.

Through the use of monitoring software, APM strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance issues. Extensive details provided on various metrics help to maintain an expected level of performance.

Our APM services comprise various aspects of monitoring such as;  Digital User Experience Monitoring, Business Transaction Profiling, Application Code-level Diagnostics, Infrastructure Visibility, and Application Deep-dive Analytics.

Digital Experience

Digital experience with its set of enterprise software solutions provides opportunities to satisfy the full digital customer journey and increase efficiency in connecting with potential customers.

Interactions that happen between users ( whether be it a customer or employee) and an organization as a result of digital technologies usage is what digital experience is about.

With proper integration, the benefits of Digital Experience include increased productivity, reduced technology costs, increased brand value, personalized content, better audience engagement, and more.

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